The History and Long Journey of PCB Fabrication

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are specifically designed to support tech companies in manufacturing electronic gadgets. These circuit boards are usually found in electrical devices such as radios, security alarms, cell phones, and computer systems. Within the board, electrical wirings are replaced with conducting materials laid down using a printing method. These are only some of the basics you will encounter in PCB fabrication.

Modern PCB fabrication helps eliminate the painstaking manual work of manufacturers. Oftentimes, technicians commit errors when using manual fabrication methods. This is why it’s important to find a reliable PCB supplier that can guarantee quality circuit boards exactly needed in the manufacturing process. In fact, it makes more affordable mass-production solutions for every manufacturing company in the country and beyond.

The Evolution of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit BoardThe miniaturization of gadgets like camcorders and calculators are only some of the products that PCBs support. But before, in early 90s, inventors tried to patent a variety of printed circuit boards. These initial attempts were avant-garde since they were finding new ways to eliminate complex wirings while offering consistent results. Despite that, it was not real until World War I, which made PCBs essential and operational.

The man behind the success of printed circuit boards is Paul Eisler. With his expert skills and engineering degree, Eisler was able to produce one of the most significant inventions which were the PCBs. Despite his promising career, he could not find a job in Austria due to some political situations and the rising views opposing the Jewish community. As an alternative, Eisler decided to transfer to Yugoslavia where he got a temporary position as designer of train’s radio-electronic systems.

The Struggles of Eisler in Developing PCBs

However, Eisler soon left his job after receiving a new job offer which will be paid in grain rather than cash. He then returned to Austria and shifted professionals. Some of his occupations include being a writer in local newspaper, making a radio journal, and working in a printing technology firm. The latter gave him an experience in electronics which was a booming business during the 30s. While working in the printing firm, Eisler encountered hand-soldered components and error-prone processes. It was a time-consuming experience for him so he thought of simplifying the process.

Through his engineering skills, Eisler believed he could develop it to a much easier route. But since things are really difficult at the time, he struggled while making his inventions. In 1936, he fled to England and escaped maltreatment during the rage of the Nazis. With his two patents, Eisler was able to sell on patent and made some money. However, he still could not find full-time job during that time. He continued to look for fortune and found it on making various projects when he was in England.

The creation of small radio set using printed circuit boards helped him become a highly recognized genius. In addition to that, he was awarded with medals and honors in Britain, Italy, and France for his success in producing PCBs. And today, the miniaturization of PCBs continued to thrive among tech industries around the world. The PCB fabrication has also become a significant part in manufacturing gadgets and devices that are now offered in the market.

Finding a Reputable Company for Quality Circuit Boards

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