Fun Facts About Custom Coins

Many of you may not know what custom coins are and the role they play in day-to-day existence. On the surface, they are customized ornaments that carry an institution or organization’s official logo. However, if you look closely, there is more to a custom coin than meets the eye.

For organizations, particularly those that strictly filter their members and operate under exclusive terms, custom coins help validate one’s membership. Organizations do not give out coins to individuals who they have not sworn in as official members.

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Custom coins also have a symbolic purpose. Not only do they serve as morale boosters to an organization’s members, they forge bonds between and among organizations. Coins can be presented to another organization as a token of appreciation for their visit or to a unit member with a special achievement or contribution. Unit commanders are usually tasked to award coins to excellent members.

There are individuals who are fond of collecting custom coins from various organizations. Unfortunately not all organizations can accommodate these collectors simply because the coins are valuable and exclusive only to a few members.

Custom Coins and the Military

Custom coins and the armed forces have a close connection. Outsiders may not understand why they are necessary in such an organization but military personnel have their own reasons for using them. Otherwise known as “challenge coins,” members of the armed forces have specially designed coins that represent the unit they belong to. Custom coins build camaraderie and is a symbol of brotherhood and trust among members of a unit. This tradition has existed since time immemorial.

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Different units sport different symbols on their respective coins. Mottos that reflect the group’s collective sentiments or shared goals also form part of the coins design. Members oftentimes exchange or collect coins within their unit. Military men carry their challenge coins with pride and honor for through them, they are reminded of their duties and what they stand for as individuals who serve the nation and its people.

Using Custom Coins in a Challenge

Custom coins are alternatively called as challenge coins because they are also used by individuals to challenge fellow coin owners. The challenge consists of getting a coin, raising it up or tapping it on a table, and giving the challenged individual 60 seconds to produce their own coin. Should the challenged individual fail to produce his own coin within the allotted time frame, he is obliged to buy the challenger a drink. If, however, he manages to produce his coin on time, then the challenger should take it upon himself to treat the challenge winner to a drink.

Of course, there is no need to reward the challenge winner with an alcoholic drink. Rewards could be anything from money to food. There are simply cases where participants would much rather prefer alcohol than other types of reward.

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Another variant of this challenge is when the owner drops his custom coin by accident. Should there be a witness to the said accident, the owner is then obliged to buy that witness a drink or reward him with anything they have agreed upon. Coin challenges occur randomly and challengers pop up whenever possible. Some individuals pretend they forgot to bring their coin just to escape being challenged.

Custom Coin Makers

The custom coin industry is quite small. There are not many coin makers out there that offer great craftsmanship and affordable rates so finding the right coin maker can be tricky. Thankfully, if you do your research, you would be surprised to know you are actually looking in the right direction. A few custom coin makers like Challenge Coins 4 Less know how to balance variety and great designs with affordability and quality. Whatever your requirements are, they can deliver quickly. Just have a clear idea of how you want your coin to look like and you are all set.

Let the challenge begin!